What are Brake Pads?

Keeping your cars or trucks serviced up to date is a difficult task. Mainly because it consumes a lot of time and requires effort. Not everyone is willing to go out of their comfort zone and maintain their belongings. 

We get it if you do not want to waste hours in a garage and to service your drive, but you should always maintain braking equipment at all times and costs. It goes without saying that if your brakes are not up to the mark, you could end up dinging someone or even an accident. 

Brake pads are integrated with disc brakes. They are mostly made up of steel plates that back the friction pads fitted on the surface of a disc. Brake pads do half the braking while the disc does the other.

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When should you replace your brake pads? 

A braking pad is often associated with a disc brake. There is a specific driving period after which the braking equipment needs to be replaced or oiled. After every 10-15,000 kilometers, you should get the braking oiled and maintained if necessary. 

There are a few signs that would indicate the replacement of a brake pad. The most obvious one being the squeaky noise. When you are driving and suddenly push the brake, and if the same results in a squeaky noise, that could be a sign of replacement. 

We often hear this noise when the braking pads have started to wear off and are as effective as they used to be. Another scenario could be when you are driving on a wet or cold road, and the braking does not seem to have to stop power. This makes the vehicle slip on the road. 

Whenever you feel like you hear a noise while braking or feel like your car has started to slip on the road, that is when you should immediately replace the braking pads for your safety. 

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Clare Louise