Stone Coating on Cars – Everything You Should Know!

The color of your car is largely dependent on the type of paint used. In most cases, the stock paint and exterior condition of a new car will be top-notch. The paint of your car is what acts between the atmospheric contaminants and the metallic body of your car. Paint in itself is a protective coating over the metal parts of your beloved car.

The problem arises when this layer of paint that once looked shiny and new begins to fade. Many external factors contribute to the dullness and cracking of paint from the surface of your vehicle. Some of the major reasons that affect the paint job are:

  • UV rays of the sun
  • Rainfall and snow
  • Insect secretions
  • Impact on sharp edges
  • Extreme heat in summer
  • An abrupt change in climate

There are not many solutions to these problems in conventional vehicle maintenance methods. This is where reputed protective coating companies like Proshield protection pare-pierre come with modern solutions such as stone protective film coating.

A stone coating is a self-regenerative protective layer of thin, invisible, and light film which adheres to the surface of your car. It is a modern solution to the age-old problems that haunted the automotive industry regarding the painting job and exterior body protection.

The regenerative coating is an elastomeric polyurethane film that is computer-designed specifically for every part of your vehicle. Since the films are cut using computer technology, they will be of the exact size and measurements.

Once the protective coatings are ready for use, highly trained technicians fix them on the surface of your car. The stone coating is self-adhesive and will automatically adhere to the surface of your car with ease.

Every part of your car will have separately curated films. The edges and corners are then cut to precise measurement by technicians and covered properly.

After the whole adhesion work is complete, it will be hard to even say that a layer of film is covering your car. The stone protective coating is invisible to the eye. It will enhance the glossy finish of your car and make it look new all the time. The film will not allow water particles to corrode the paint and body of the vehicle, thus improving the durability of your vehicle.

To conclude, it is best to take sides with reputed companies and coat your car with invisible stone protective film coating to ensure the everlasting beauty of your vehicle.

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Martha Mueller