Magic Iris is Tata’s Children’s Safest Vehicle

Tata Magic Iris, a passenger carrier is most likely the price-effective vehicles inside the class. The entire idea ended up being replace dangerous auto rickshaws obtaining a much safer, covered chassis in attractive colours, with regards to ferrying youthful children from school.

How come considered the safest ride for college kids?

Tata Motors has always prioritized the security of passengers whether it is youthful children or usual travelers whomever uses Tata Magic Iris or any other Tata variants is assured obtaining a is totally safe ride.

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The attractive Magic Iris could be a stylish minivan fit to assist six or seven passengers plus a compact driver’s cabin. Its low maintenance is which makes it demanding within the light commercial vehicle segment.

Security of youngsters is crucial!

Parents will concern yourself with their child’s safety within the limo bus. Tata Magic Iris can be used to reduce this burden of safety while your boy or daughter will school or returning. Its advanced safety precautions responsibly take proper proper proper care of the passenger’s security during every ride.

Aaram mein magic hai”as they say Magic Iris displays ample headroom and legroom for almost any convenient and fun-filled journey. Children will not feel crowded and suffocated as there’s good space in order to sit easily.

Excellent braking performance while using the inbuilt vacuum aided dual circuit hydraulically activated front disc and rear drum brakes offers a superior control on uneven and crowded roads. This avoids sudden jerks looking after your journey is totally safe for youthful children.

The sturdy steel body with monoque structure and tubular construction makes all the vehicle resistant against accidents. Observing anyone’s need Magic Iris is customized while using features and amenities needed for just about any safe travel.

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The doorways are wide and broad which helps the passengers to appear and disappear easily.

Its effective and reliable engine of 702cc, gives power 16HP @3200rpm along with a torque of 38Nm @2000rpm for more speed and even more journeys every single day, earning better earnings making Magic Iris a perfect small van.

Accessible in a number of colours and seating options Magic Iris should suit all of the needs needed for just about any safe travel. Also, it’s received huge responses from schools along with other foundations to get reliable vehicle ensuring the security of youngsters.

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