Disc Brake – Advantages and Applications

How fast can your car go? The engine specifications and other related automotive part designs can make your car achieve lightning speed.

But the speed limit of your car is dependent on how safe it can stop. It might seem like a confusing statement, but in reality, your car or vehicle is only as fast as it can come to a halt.

This is because attaining speed is useful only if you can stop the vehicle safely and without any damage to the car or the passengers, reputed companies like have highly functional disc brakes to give you the desired braking quality. Only when the brakes of a vehicle are intact can you say the vehicle is safe for travel.

The brakes are probably the most important part of a vehicle. It can be seen that most road accidents occur during winter. This is mainly because of poor road friction that is being offered to the tires of the car during the snowy and wet climate. In order to avoid this, you should start using disc brakes (if your car does not have them).

Disc brakes can increase the braking quality of your car even on slippery and undulating roads.

The conventional brakes can stop a car in an emergency, but even then the car might skid off the road due to sudden application of the brake. This problem can be easily overcome by using disc brakes.

The main parts of a disc brake are a rotor, pads, shims, and hardware for installation. The rotor should be coated with some form of rust preventive substance.

This can help in substantially improving the quality of braking. The most effective coating process for your disc brakes is electrophoretic coating. This will prevent the rotor parts from rusting and eventually breaking off.

Brake pads are designed to provide fade-free breaking to the car. Ceramic brake pads reinforced with carbon fiber can positively enhance the quality of braking.

Pad shims help in the silent braking of the car. Rubberized pad shims with a dual-layer coating can greatly help in noise cancellation while sudden brakes are applied.

Giving slots on the brake pads can also help in reducing the noise and unnecessary friction during the application of brakes.

It can be seen that the brakes of your car play an important role in the safety of your journey. This is why it is important to use disc brakes and properly maintain them. In short, better brakes make the journey safer and faster.

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Jerica Palmer