Top 4 Uses of Quick Break Degreasers 

Cleaning hard surfaces can be irksome and physically taxing. It requires a lot of effort and some bit of expertise. Hold that thought! You need some special tools and a dedicated solution to clean hard surfaces. How about using a quick-release degreaser? They’re safe, eco-friendly, and easy to use. We will tell you all about how you can use the degreaser, but let’s just understand the top four uses of a quick-break degreaser first. Let’s get started! 

What’s a quick break degreaser anyway? 

A quick-break heavy-duty degreaser is tailor-made for lifting grease, oil, and hydrocarbon soils. It helps in cleaning the surface without forming any kind of permanent emulsion. Once the water and oil get rinsed away, the quick-break degreaser releases the oil so that it can be separated. Finally, you get wastewater at the end which does not have any toxic or potentially harmful hydrocarbon content. 

Revealing the top 4 Uses of Quick Break degreasers 

Without wasting a lot of time, we will cut to the chase. 

Quick break degreasers can be used on the following objects/things:

  1. Heavy vehicles 
  2. Cement floors 
  3. Grease-soiled objects 
  4. Exterior Siding 

Skip using corrosive cleaners and opt for something environment-friendly. With Optimax degreaser, you will not cause any harm to Mother Nature and it will do the job efficiently. The solution is non-reactive, non-toxic, readily biodegradable, and is derived from safe and renewable resources. 

Did you know it’s safe to use on painted surfaces, plastics, and rubbers as well? 

Moving on, we would love to share how you can use the product efficiently. It does not take a lot of effort when you are using the right kind of solution. Also, the quick-release product comes in concentrated form, so it does not finish too quickly. 

How to use a quick-release degreaser? 

Using a quick-release degreaser is easy. The user can dilute the solution as per the task they are performing. All they have to do is spray the solution on the surface and then scrub and brush it. Wipe off whenever needed and then rinse. 

The process is fairly simple, and it does not require you to hire experts. Since the ingredients are derived from renewable resources, you can work with them safely and clean hard surfaces as and when needed. Moreover, it’s quick-release so it is good for the environment. 

All in all, don’t think twice and invest in the right product. Quick-break degreasers will form an oil emulsion (short-term) which will persist long enough to eradicate grease and oil from the cleaning surface. Once it is in the wastewater system, the degreaser will quickly release the oil all over again where they will float free and get separated.

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Jerica Palmer